Easter in Puglia

Easter in Puglia is so lovely: green meadows and a carpet of yellow daisies stretches out of sight under the  ancient olive trees and a soft scent of almond, peach, and cherry blossom fills slightly the fresh air.

But Easter in Puglia is not just walking and cycling deeped into the wild nature, is also the tradition and the rituals of Easter s Holy Week: every village cherishes the procession, with ancient wooden statues that are coming out from the churches carried by the churche’ s brotherhoods throughout the villages, between the crowd, the bands, holy songs, candles and torches.

In the villages they are still living a unique atmosphere that makes Easter a truly magical time,  full of authentic spirituality.
The most beautiful and famous processions and are those of Taranto and Francavilla Fontana on the Thursday and Good Friday, but particularly impressive is the Desolate Madonna in Canosa di Puglia.

Apulian tradition is also celebrating the Easter festivities with a traditional cake shaped like a little wheel called the “scarcella”. This particular donut pastry is covered with white topping icing sugar decorated with multicolored beads and hide inside one or more eggs. In the past was believed that the round shape symbolize the new life and the good luck.